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  • Over 700 energy storage related developments, including technology breakthroughs, new product announcements and deliveries, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing expansions, product price changes, and much more.
  • Graphical depictions of the impact of these events on more than 300 companies, utilities, and government agencies.
  • Technical data for more than 400 energy storage products across over 170 product lines.
  • Retail energy storage price trends for a variety of grid-tied energy storage categories.
  • Summaries of large (> 20 MW or 20 MWh) energy storage projects, including key suppliers, technologies used, and applications served.
  • Examples of grid tied energy storage applications, including sample duty cycles.

Although the website will always be updated with new information, because the website was recently launched and is still in beta, new data is being added at a very rapid pace. Additionally, new ways of presenting the data are still being introduced. As a result, in rare circumstances subscribers may be unable to access some parts of the site for brief periods of time.

Therefore, while the website remains in beta, annual subscriptions are available at the discounted rate of $8,000 per year per organization. This includes up to three usernames per organization. Please contact Jay Holman for more information about subscribing.

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