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Energy Storage Products

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The categories used to segment batteries into categories are defined below. Because no firm, widely accepted definition of these terms exists, the definitions provided below are somewhat arbitrary.

Residential Scale Battery: Rated energy < 20 kWh
Commercial Scale Battery: 20 kWh <= Rated energy < 300 kWh
Industrial and Utility Scale Battery: Rated energy >= 300 kWh
Low Power Battery: Discharge time at max continuous power >= 2 hours
Medium Power Battery: 0.5 hours <= Discharge time at max continuous power < 2 hours
High Power Battery: Discharge time at max continuous power < 0.5 hours
Battery System: Battery module, rack, or container that contains integrated inverter

The batteries shown in the graph below target grid tied and microgrid applications. The size of the bubbles represents the volume of a single battery.

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Price Ranges by Category

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