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Throughout the website you will find a wealth of information about companies, technologies, and trends related to the energy storage industry. Much of the information is presented in interactive graphs, which can be modified by clicking on the legend (to drop or add series to the graph), dragging across a master timeline below the graph (to adjust the dates displayed in the graph), or by hovering or clicking on the data points themselves (to access additional information).

Latest Energy Storage Industry Developments

Recent developments in the grid-tied energy storage industry are shown in the graph below. Select a different time span by dragging across the bottom chart.

Recent Developments

Hollow Markers:No development occurred.Solid Markers:Development occurred.
Project ActivityImpactful Event
Subsidiary ActivitySupplier or Customer Activity
Manufacturing Plant ActivityProduct Activity
General DevelopmentAcquisition Activity
Sales, Marketing, or Technology Partner ActivityIntellectual Property Activity
Joint Venture Activity

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