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About Us

The subscription-based ES-Analytics (short for Energy Storage Analytics) service is provided by Venture to Market LLC (VtM), a market research consultancy based in Lafayette, Colorado. VtM got its start developing detailed go-to-market strategies for companies that had developed innovative energy storage technologies, ranging from separators, to Li-ion cells, to NiMH batteries. All of these companies faced the same general challenge: their products offered improvements over existing technologies, but it was not always clear which applications would benefit the most from the specific improvements each company had made. Pairing energy storage solutions with end-products or applications is not as easy as it sounds: energy storage devices like batteries behave very differently depending on how they are used. As a result, any investigation must take into account both the very specific requirements of the application and the very specific characteristics of the energy storage device.

VtM addressed this challenge by developing detailed technical models to optimize the size, configuration, and use characteristics of specific batteries for specific applications. These models take advantage of the large amount of work on battery characterization and battery lifetime analysis that has been carried out by government labs and other institutions to support the commercialization of electric vehicles, ensuring that the information on the website is as accurate as possible. By comparing the optimized performance of one battery against another, it became possible to recommend specific batteries for the application with much more confidence than could be achieved using guesstimates about performance or rules of thumb (many of which were developed for lead-acid batteries and don’t apply to new technologies like Li-ion or flow batteries anyway). For ES-Analytics, VtM has taken its efforts a step further by developing algorithms that significantly reduce the amount of time required to evaluate different batteries, allowing analysis of a much broader range of technologies in a shorter amount of time. Learn more about the service here.

Venture to Market Staff

Jay Holman, Principal. Mr. Holman has over 15 years of experience carrying out market research and developing go-to-market strategies for companies of all sizes. His work at Venture to Market has focused heavily on the energy storage industry, where he has covered everything from specialty separators for Li-ion cells to large grid-tied flow batteries used to provide ancillary services to electric utilities. Prior to starting Venture to Market, he spent 7 years at the highly respected global market research firm IDC. While at IDC subsidiary Energy Insights, Mr. Holman managed and expanded an innovative market research program for electric and gas utilities. This program carried out dozens of surveys of thousands of utility customers to help utilities structure, market, and price new programs in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand side management, premium power, and others. Later Mr. Holman created a first-of-its-kind partnership between IDC Energy Insights and the American Solar Energy Society, to support solar equipment vendors as they gathered market intelligence from US solar installers. He has authored numerous market research reports on clean energy topics including energy storage, solar energy, renewables integration, smart grid, and demand side management, among others.

Mr. Holman previously served as Program Manager at contract manufacturer Celestica, where he led a $10M optical telecommunications equipment manufacturing program. He started his career as a Physicist at AlliedSignal, where he earned multiple patents for his work on optical telecommunications technologies.

Mr. Holman has an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Colgate University.

Contact Mr. Holman at or +1.303.775.9151.