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About Our Service

ES-Analytics is a web-based information service that helps electric utilities, battery manufacturers, investors, and others track and understand developments in the grid-tied energy storage industry.

The site is built around interactive graphs designed to put a wealth of current, relevant data in context. For example, market developments are presented in graphical timelines that reveal trends and provide perspective on how recent events influence the overall market. Pricing charts include a reference line that shows the lowest priced product line in each category, updated on a monthly basis. Company charts show how a company’s battery product lines span energy and power ranges, and so on.

Links to original data sources are provided throughout the site, allowing a deeper dive into topics of interest. These include links to product data sheets, press releases, and news articles that describe a new development. ES-Analytics makes this detailed information easy to find by linking it to relevant companies, products, industry segments, and projects, so that answers to important questions are never more than a few clicks away.

Finally, the ES-Analytics service is highly customizable, as custom views can be created for subscribers who want to track a particular group of companies, technologies, applications, or other topics. Once a custom report is established, it remains current and is automatically updated each time data is added to the site.

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