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About Our Service

ES-Analytics is a web-based information service that helps electric utilities, battery manufacturers, investors, and others make better decisions as they navigate the complex, rapidly evolving grid-tied energy storage landscape.

The service takes a unique approach to market research, employing technology to reduce subscription costs while providing more timely, more relevant, and more comprehensive industry information to users.

ES-Analytics presents information using interactive charts and graphs, which immediately expose trends and put new developments into context. These dynamic visuals are automatically updated each time new, relevant information is added to the site. Since the site is updated frequently, the information is never out of date. Users can access additional detail, including written content, simply by clicking through on the topic of interest.

Additionally, the ES-Analytics service is highly customizable, allowing subscribers to easily and efficiently track the topics they care about most, including products, technologies, utilities, project developers, and so on.

Please contact us today to sign up for a free trial and spend some time exploring this unique service.